Awesome Read on IOT – Mobile Internet   

 By Product Nation 

The Web’s Grain

Flight from Family

How to manage VP of Sales – Excellent 

USB Type C

On India: One more high profile move to INDIA. Why are these people moving to INDIA ?

 Monica Lewinsky on Public Shaming

A16Z and Peter Levine invest in Tachyon

On Micromax – Detailed Note

Chrome Extensions loved by Product Hunt

Sam Altman on Bubble Talk


Technology Linkfest-1 2015 Tinkfest

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Khichdi Linkfest 13th Oct 2014

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1. Design Case Study @ Nutanix 


2. Interview with Lee Kuan Yew — MUST WATCH FOR EVERY WORLD LEADER


3. How Google Ad Auction Works – By Chief Economist at Google


4. Peter Thiel Thoughts




5. Ted Predicting the Future – Worth its time.


6. How they put FB on Track for 1 Billion Users


7. How Twitter Uses Redis

8. Advanced Debugging with Chrome


9. Responsive Images


10. Browser Preloader


11. Accessible HTML video as a background

12. Hybrid Apps

13. Mature Optimization Handbook



Service Working Explained ? In Chrome from Today

How Twitter Uses Redis

Chrome DevTools tips and tricks

Touch Event in Chrome refined..!

AND Example: PreciseTouchEvents in Chrome

Math Typesetting library for Web

Client Identification Mechanisms ( Read Fingerprint techniques)


CSS layout Debugger

Advanced Debugging with Chrome

Visualizing Security Information with Fiddler

Notes from Pycon INDIA 2014 – By Fully Faltoo

Browser Preloader

Khichdi Linkfest 13thJune-14


Separating Signal from Noise
Separating Signal from Noise


The Fall of Mosul and the False Promises of Modern History — Must Read

Advice from 7 Tech Women Leaders

Simple ways to improve Android engagement

Keep your meeting productive — More of this needed.

On Mobile Iron IPO

Scaling Data and Hadoop

Does Moore Law matters in Internet of Things.

High Tides in Mumbai ( 12th June 2014) . Worli Sea Link Photo

High Tides in Mumbai


Mobile is More than Apple and Android

Mobile is More than Apple and Android


Chrome Share In China (PIC)