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Learning by Shipping

photoThe “Internet of Things” or IoT is cool.  I know this because everyone tells everyone else how cool it is. Ask anyone and they will give you their own definition of what IoT means and why it is cool. That’s proof we are using a buzzword or are in a hype-cycle.

Much is at stake to benefit from, contribute to, or even control this next, next-generation of computing. If a company benefitted from 300 million PCs a year, that’s quite cool. If another company benefitted from 1 billion smartphones a year, then that’s pretty cool.

You know what is really cool, benefitting from 75 billion devices. That certainly explains the enthusiasm for the catch phrase.

Missing out on this wave is uncool. Just take a look at the CNBC screen shot to the left. That’s what we talked about in the Digital Innovation class at HBS last week and what motivated this post.

In an…

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Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

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  1. How much time it will take for Health/Fitness/SmartWatch wearables to reach 1 billion users ?

  2. What price point will trigger that fast move towards 1 billion .. Can $100 + take it to billion or we need sub $50 ?

  3. Will Android One see other product categories like Wearables, Smart TV etc ?

  4. Mobile OS – AOSP will grow, but at what rate and

  5. Will Android One ever see high end devices ?

  6. When can we see 500 million connected users in INDIA , 400 million in Africa ?

  7. Will Latin America produce any Unicorn in Mobility ?

  8. How much more to wait before getting truly interactive TV experience ?

  9. Will Embedded smartness in TV die making more way for independent boxes like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV etc OR TVs will have more embedded HW/SW smartness ?

  10. When can we really see mainstream (i.e. more than 40% ) 4K content available ?

  11. When will we see IMS based services (VoLTE, eMBMS) becoming mainstream in China or India ?

  12. Which big operator will endorse and support payments via Bitcoin ?

  13. Which smart healthcare device will reach every home after thermometer ?

  14. Will PCs Re-Invent and stay relevant for personal use ?

  15. Who owns the device in subsidized world.   Telco’s, OEMs or Customers?

  16. Payments – Will Telcos act as catalyst by co-operating closely with ecosystem players or put roadblocks in efforts  ?


  1. When will IoT standards take 50%+ industry compliance in shipped products ?. Can it happen in next 3 years ?

  2. Who will own IoT Data ?

  3. Will (and How)  IoT Data be shared/traded between different entities to help build better services ?

  4. What role ( or road-blocks) will Network Operators play in IoT ?

  5. Privacy and User data on IoT devices. Will govts try to regulate it ?

  6. Connected Car or Connected Driver. Where is the main focus ?

  7. Will device makers move faster on SW or SW makers move faster on Devices ? This is Open.

Any more ??

Technology Linkfest-1 2015 Tinkfest

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Khichdi Linkfest 13th Oct 2014

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