Thinkology – Questions on Technology .!


  1. How much time it will take for Health/Fitness/SmartWatch wearables to reach 1 billion users ?

  2. What price point will trigger that fast move towards 1 billion .. Can $100 + take it to billion or we need sub $50 ?

  3. Will Android One see other product categories like Wearables, Smart TV etc ?

  4. Mobile OS – AOSP will grow, but at what rate and

  5. Will Android One ever see high end devices ?

  6. When can we see 500 million connected users in INDIA , 400 million in Africa ?

  7. Will Latin America produce any Unicorn in Mobility ?

  8. How much more to wait before getting truly interactive TV experience ?

  9. Will Embedded smartness in TV die making more way for independent boxes like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV etc OR TVs will have more embedded HW/SW smartness ?

  10. When can we really see mainstream (i.e. more than 40% ) 4K content available ?

  11. When will we see IMS based services (VoLTE, eMBMS) becoming mainstream in China or India ?

  12. Which big operator will endorse and support payments via Bitcoin ?

  13. Which smart healthcare device will reach every home after thermometer ?

  14. Will PCs Re-Invent and stay relevant for personal use ?

  15. Who owns the device in subsidized world.   Telco’s, OEMs or Customers?

  16. Payments – Will Telcos act as catalyst by co-operating closely with ecosystem players or put roadblocks in efforts  ?


  1. When will IoT standards take 50%+ industry compliance in shipped products ?. Can it happen in next 3 years ?

  2. Who will own IoT Data ?

  3. Will (and How)  IoT Data be shared/traded between different entities to help build better services ?

  4. What role ( or road-blocks) will Network Operators play in IoT ?

  5. Privacy and User data on IoT devices. Will govts try to regulate it ?

  6. Connected Car or Connected Driver. Where is the main focus ?

  7. Will device makers move faster on SW or SW makers move faster on Devices ? This is Open.

Any more ??


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