Month: August 2014

Web Development Breakfast -5


WebRTC – Big guys agree  


Mobile Web App Collection

HSTS Security:

Minimising Font Download

HTTPS Implementation Guide:

Resource Hints: 

Native Response images

HTML5 Video Speed Controller


Image Formats – Automatic Content Negotiation


Building Interective HTML5 Videos


Building Mobile Apps with AWS



Khichdi Linkfest 26th Aug 2014

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Bangalore Metro Map – Phase 2


Why South Korean Problems are Important.

On Automation

Some Valuable Thoughts from Very Smart Guys ..! 



Android Fragmentation: Aug 2014

Lesson From Old India: When an Economy Just Doesn’t Get Better    PART 1

Deindustrialization in 18th and 19th Century India:  PART 2

Mobile EMM


Khichdi Linkfest 18th Aug – Design Special

Design web_development


Design Tips and Tools

DPI deciphered – GOLD Content


Origins of X in Design – GOLD Content

 An overview of using vectors in digital design

Material Design in 2014 IO 

A market for Design

Android Design Tips

Principles of Site Design

Density Convertor

The Android Screen Fragmentation Myth

AirBnB Design Case Study

Web Development

 Single Element CSS Spinners

Beautiful sites for Open Source projects

Angular JS

Polymer Features



Everything about Drones