Khichdi Linkfest 18th June 2014

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Tech World

Tech Star Profiles- Tony Fadell
Samsung Note Launch – Full Video
Copying a product vs Copying a Philosphy
Google Map Maker — Lot of people still don’t know 
The old-world telco mindset lives on ( I wanted to write something similar myself…But i largely agree with everything)


YOGA – Suryanamaskar
CNN ‘documentary’ on George H.W. Bush paid for by Bush Library Foundation 
Building a Theory of Disruption
Bhutan Is No Shangri-La  — Good Read


On Brands:  

Brands are built on what people are saying about you. Not on what you are saying about yourself.


Another Big Scam (Maharashtra Irrigation Scam)


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