Month: June 2014

Health Hazards of Sitting



Health Hazards of Long Sittings


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Khichdi Linkfest 21st June 2014

Genius – Plastic bottles to Super Strong plastic rope 

Web Fundamentals : Optimizing Performance – A bible for developers

Tips for hiring a good recruiter

Google Analytics for Bloggers

Snapchat Story

Google Ara Modular- Customized phones – With high-speed 3D manufacturing  – Video

Bollywood in Taiwan – Video

Android Wear – Video

Girls and Coding 



CNN Breaking News — Ha Ha Ha 


Khichdi Linkfest 18th June 2014

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Tech World

Tech Star Profiles- Tony Fadell
Samsung Note Launch – Full Video
Copying a product vs Copying a Philosphy
Google Map Maker — Lot of people still don’t know 
The old-world telco mindset lives on ( I wanted to write something similar myself…But i largely agree with everything)


YOGA – Suryanamaskar
CNN ‘documentary’ on George H.W. Bush paid for by Bush Library Foundation 
Building a Theory of Disruption
Bhutan Is No Shangri-La  — Good Read


On Brands:  

Brands are built on what people are saying about you. Not on what you are saying about yourself.


Another Big Scam (Maharashtra Irrigation Scam)


Prime Minister Narendra Modi On commemorative stamps on the FIFA World Cup.

Postal Department INDIA released commemorative stamps on the FIFA World Cup.
Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi spoke on the occasion.

I cannot remember when INDIAN prime minister last spoke on random subjects with so many thoughts and details. ( HINDI VIDEO)…! This man looks different.

Khichdi Linkfest 13thJune-14


Separating Signal from Noise
Separating Signal from Noise


The Fall of Mosul and the False Promises of Modern History — Must Read

Advice from 7 Tech Women Leaders

Simple ways to improve Android engagement

Keep your meeting productive — More of this needed.

On Mobile Iron IPO

Scaling Data and Hadoop

Does Moore Law matters in Internet of Things.

High Tides in Mumbai ( 12th June 2014) . Worli Sea Link Photo

High Tides in Mumbai


Mobile is More than Apple and Android

Mobile is More than Apple and Android


Chrome Share In China (PIC)



Khichdi Linkfest 12th June 14


Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Another player on enterprise collaboration market

On Index Ventures

Cars and Civilization   –> Nice Read 

China Real Estate

Culture of Optimization

Over rated Value Investors ?

A New Dawn for 1.2 billion people – By Rahul Saraogi 

Question: Is technology something you can outsource to an agency to help you build it. Some say

good luck if you think that’s how you will fight back”.  What do you say ?

Creative vs Distributive activities – By Roger Bootle



Roger Bootle , argues that all economic activity can be classified as either ‘creative’ or ‘distributive’,” Mukunda tells us. “Creative work increases a society’s wealth. Distributive work just moves wealth from one hand to another. Every industry contains both. But activity in the financial sector is primarily distributive.”