Month: May 2014

Khichdi Linkfest May 28th 2014

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise


Tech & Business

Under Appreciated Business Story

The Capitalist’s Dilemma  — Will Finance eat Strategy ?

Interesting Analysis of Android UI Design

VideoStream for Chromecast – I like it very much

Amazon INDIA vs Flipkart. Who is going to come out winner ?


Position Sensor — Long awaited in mainstream

Nice Resume Templates

BreakingStereotypes in INDIA

Asia Funding Summary last week 


What can cause failure at Huawei 

Smartisan Story   — Love it


Left Brain vs. Right:  Is it a Myth ?

Time Management

How to fight Unfair Practices Of Builders And Real Estate Developers (INDIA ONLY)



Khichdi linkfest 26th May 2014

The Naked Future — A World That Anticipates Your Every Move

Alibaba’s American Aspirations

Startup Lessons: 80% of your culture is your founder

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise


Michael Dell on the new (private) Dell

Android Fragmentation

Emerging Players in Wearables

China Updates:

How to get Google Play on Xiomi

Oppo Find 7a Review


The strength of RSS lies in adapting to change: Ram Madhav

Good days may or may not come..But good nights will always be there



Khichdi linkfest 23rd May 2014

++ Google WIFI in Cloud

++ Value Investing in INDIA with Rahul Saraogi 

++ Feminism in Tech, When Excellence Isn’t Enough

++ Gyan from Chamath Palihapitiya

++ Confessions of a Perpetual Freeloader:

++ Indian/ Commonwealth Students shun britain.

++ Beyond BRIC: Winning the Rising Auto Markets

++ Whome wearable

++ China’s biggest ever E commerce IPO


AND SPECIAL:  How does VC Work

Khichdi linkfest 22nd May 2014

Khichdi Linkfest ( Tech, General , Politics etc)


AND the Big One..

Smartisan Launches a device .. Is it Xiomi in Making ?  Full Video here.


Q1 2014 Smartphone OS – AOSP focus

Here is the latest look at SmartPhone OS Share .

(from ABI Research).


  • AOSP ( Mostly in CHINA) yet to take significant market share. Will Xiomi, OnePlusOne, Oppo change this number ?
  • According to Gartner, 41 percent of the Android devices sold in China aren’t Google Android at all, but AOSP phones attaching to a range of different app stores with different built-in apps.
  • CyanogenMod will provide full SW to OnePlusOne (and possibly others in future)
  • Amazon’s Fire OS is the another example of an AOSP-based platform.
  • Is Nokia AOSP .. i am not sure..  [It is ] [ It is not]
  • Sony has been experimenting with it [Link]



AOSP Evolution


On Gandhi and Jinnah

More people need to read this .!

Thus Spoke Dr. Ambedkar

I can give only my impressions of them, for what they are worth. The first thing that strikes me is that it would be difficult to find two persons who would rival them for their colossal egotism, to whom personal ascendancy is everything and the cause of the country a mere counter on the table. They have made Indian politics a matter of personal feud. Consequences have no terror for them ; indeed they do not occur to them until they happen. When they do happen they either forget the cause, or if they remember it, they overlook it with a complacency which saves them from any remorse. They choose to stand on a pedestal of splendid isolation. They wall themselves off from their equals. They prefer to open themselves to their inferiors. They are very unhappy at and impatient of criticism, but are very happy to be fawned upon…

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