Khichdi Linkfest 13th Oct 2014

======GENERAL SECTION=======


1. Design Case Study @ Nutanix 


2. Interview with Lee Kuan Yew — MUST WATCH FOR EVERY WORLD LEADER


3. How Google Ad Auction Works – By Chief Economist at Google


4. Peter Thiel Thoughts




5. Ted Predicting the Future – Worth its time.


6. How they put FB on Track for 1 Billion Users


7. How Twitter Uses Redis

8. Advanced Debugging with Chrome


9. Responsive Images


10. Browser Preloader


11. Accessible HTML video as a background

12. Hybrid Apps

13. Mature Optimization Handbook



Service Working Explained ? In Chrome from Today

How Twitter Uses Redis

Chrome DevTools tips and tricks

Touch Event in Chrome refined..!

AND Example: PreciseTouchEvents in Chrome

Math Typesetting library for Web

Client Identification Mechanisms ( Read Fingerprint techniques)


CSS layout Debugger

Advanced Debugging with Chrome

Visualizing Security Information with Fiddler

Notes from Pycon INDIA 2014 – By Fully Faltoo

Browser Preloader

Mega Khichdi Linkfest 25th Sep 2014


Why Explore Space:



Internet of Things by KPCB 


BitCoin Explained – In Most Simple Ways

Designers + Engineers + Empathy = Greatness

Great Visualization – Language Share and Trends on Github

YouTube Analytics

3D printing Power Consumption

High Frequency Trading Update




Awesome Innovation Discussion


3 Frameworks to tell a great story

Collapse of Arab Civilization

Large Sovereign Wealth Funds

Khichdi Linkfest 17th Sep 2014

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Alibaba and 12 Digits :)

Google I/O 2014 – Security at scale at Google


Sergey Brin’s | 2014 Re/Code Conference Full Interview

On Hedge Funds

The beginning of the end of the hedge fund gravy train


 Chrome Material Design – Continues

Dimensions- Measure everything in Browser – FOR DESIGNERS

IPhone6 screen Demystified

Schools in Cloud - NICE

Submarine Cable Map

Things better explained:

Great Archieve of Historical Pictures ..For Everyone

Big Telecoms playing dirty games in US broadband

Apple Campus Video


Somewhere in Shanghai


Khichdi Linkfest 26th Aug 2014

Separating Signal from Noise

Separating Signal from Noise

Bangalore Metro Map – Phase 2


Why South Korean Problems are Important.

On Automation

Some Valuable Thoughts from Very Smart Guys ..! 



Android Fragmentation: Aug 2014

Lesson From Old India: When an Economy Just Doesn’t Get Better    PART 1

Deindustrialization in 18th and 19th Century India:  PART 2

Mobile EMM